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Manual Batch Existing Expense Records from ConnectWise

Expense transactions that have been created prior to the setup of the Expense GL will have invalid (or incomplete) GL Account Mapping. The only way to correct the GL Accounts in Mass is to un-approve and re-approve expenses. As this can be quite time consuming and prone to error, we would suggest that a "Cut-off" date be considered such as the first of the month - at which time all expenses must be entered and Synced to Xero.

Managing Unposted Items.

In ConnectWise:

Go to Finance > Accounting Interface
1. Select the Location

        > Allows for the limiting of accounting data to be exported for the selected office.  Only applicable for businesses that have more than one ConnectWise billing location.

2. Select the Thru Date
        > Default is the current date, selecting a past or future date will include records up until the date selected.  Where future dated invoices are created in the ConnectWise invoice wizard, the date will need to be extended to include the future date if required to be exported.

3. Tick 'Include Expenese?' box

        > Selecting any (or all) of these items will include the Unposted items listed on the tabs at the top of the Accounting Interface Window.

4. Enter Batch Number
        > User text field to identify manual batches created in ConnectWise.

5. Click Export.

Batching off Old Expense Records

The following process will create a batch of all invoices which are not to be exported to your accounting package in your first batch run.
Go to Finance > Accounting Interface
Click on 'Unposted Expenses' Tab
Filter by [Unposted Expenses]
1. Tick the 'Include' box for invoices that you wish to batch and not post to your accounting package.
Note: for 2012.2 Users, they exclude box is now an Include box in 2012.2, this process is in revers (select the items to include)
2. Check all invoices for your selection have been made.
Tip: You can use the 'Select Thru Date' on the Creation Tab to exclude records in the after period that you wish to export.  This date should be the 'Cut Off' date, so that records prior to this date are displayed.
The next process will be to create a manual batch for the records that you have selected in the prior step. A manual batch will remove the records from the "Unposted Expenses" tabs.

  1. Select Creation tab
  2. Enter a Manual Batch ID for ease of reference.
  3. Ensure that only the the Records Type Expenses check boxes are selected. 
  4. Press the Export button
  5. Save the Export File

Note: The export file is created, however is not required for reference as these records are being excluded from batch processes.

Step 5: Correcting Incorrect GL Entries.

Where GL entries are incorrect, you can correct these by simply re-opening the record which has been closed. The process differs for each record type:

Updated Expense GL Entries

  1. Expenses
    1. Find the Expenss Order that you wish to udpate in the GL Entries List (Unposted Expenses)
    2. Click on the Expense Item in the list.
    3. Open each of the Expense Lines, by drilling into each item and;
      1. Ensuring the Account Number is the Expense Account that you wish to Post the Selected Expense to.
      2. Saving the Item
    4. Repeating above for all items on the Expense Claim

Pre-Setup ConnectWise Expenses Completed, Next Step - Start Syncing

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