(Resolved) Known Issue: Tax component of a Purchase Order's lines accumulate when it's Open Batches are deleted


Resolved in 2018.4.


The tax component of Purchase Order lines accumulate when Open Batches for that Purchase Order are deleted. This results in an adjustment on re-batch to the Accounting Package:

If the adjustment is greater than the amount nominated in the Wise-Sync Company Setting Limit Adjustments Amount, this will result in the following adjustment error:

How do we know?

It was reported through our partner network that due to a PO needing to be re-batched through to the Accounting Package, that an Adjustment Error was occurring without changing anything.

We were able to replicate the problem, via the following steps:

  1. Create a purchase order
  2. Receive all lines on the order - we are going to force the adjustment for PACKINGSLIP1
  3. Batch to Xero - note the tax component of PACKINGSLIP1 - $777.60
  4. Delete the Batch. Notice the Tax Component for PACKINGSLIP1 has accumulated by the tax component of PACKINGSLIP2 $2.40
  5. Update 2nd line (in this example, we added serial numbers)
  6. Re-batch to Xero. Notice the adjustment of $2.40

What are we doing about it?

Immediate Workaround

Option 1 - Re-sync the Purchase Order without tax.

  • Unreceive goods
  • Untick the PO header option to apply tax to taxable products
  • Re-receive goods
  • Re-sync

Option 2 - Sync again with the Wise-Sync Company Setting Limit Adjustments Amount set to zero.

Long Term Solution

The issue was reported to ConnectWise and resolved in v2018.4.

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