(Resolved) Known Issue - Purchase Order Tax is not being calculated Correctly


Resolved: ConnectWise have advised that a fix for this issue has been released on v2018.5  (56760).

Please ensure patches are applied and ConnectWise Version displays as the patch number (56760) or greater. 

See Further Action Required to Update Record below if records are still showing with Adjustment Errors.

Further Action Required to Update Record

Record updates must trigger a re-calculation of the Purchase Order Tax in order to resolve the incorrect tax calculation in the GL Entries.

To resolve this issue you must complete the following for each purchase order that will not sync:

1. Set the Purchase Order to an Open Status

2. Open each product received for the purchase order that has not posted (uncheck "Closed") checkbox.

3. Repeat the above step 2 for each product on the purchase order.

4. Close the Purchase Order (all line items will close, providing your Procurement Settings are set to Close Fully Received Purchase Order Line Items)

5. Inspect the Purchase Order Product Tax as per the "Work Around" to make sure that the amount matches the tax amount.

6. Sync the record.

Version Affected

ConnectWise Manage Version v2018.5.

This will affect all cloud partners and any on-premise partners that have upgraded to this version.

On-premise partners that have not upgraded to 2018.5, we recommend holding off upgrading until this issue is resolved.


Purchase Order Taxes are not calculating correctly according to the Tax Amount expected or shown on the front screen of the Purchase Order after updating to ConnectWise Manage v2018.5. This affects the data flowing through from ConnectWise and results in a Data Validation Error, since the tax amount is invalid.

This will result in the Items being posted, however the tax amount of the Purchase Order may result in an Adjustment being applied, triggering the Adjustment Rate limit, when the amount is greater than the rate set in ConnectWise. In this case, a warning is displayed when syncing procurement.

Out of Balance Error: Adjustment for WISESYNC_ADJUSTMENT of {Amount} is greater than the set limit of +/- {limit}, refer to tax code setup in both ConnectWise and Xero to ensure both are accurate.


When inspecting the GL Entries in ConnectWise Accounting Interface, the Tax Amount is incorrect, based on the tax calculation for the tax code set for the purchase order (in this case 10%)

What have we done about it?

We have logged a ticket with ConnectWise, requesting a priority review of this issue.

You may request updates to this ticket and advise if you are affected by this issue: 

ConnectWise Ticket: #10827102

Date Reported: 13th August, 2018

Workarounds Available

Correct the Purchase Order's GL Entry for Tax in the Accounting Interface

1. Go to Accounting Interface > Unposted Procurement 

2. Click into the Purchase Order Product Tax

3. Update the Tax Amount to the total tax amount based on received line items. 

Note, this may not be the same as the amount on the front screen of the Purchase Order if it has been part-received.

4. Once the tax amount is updated in the GL Entry, the Purchase Order tax amount will then validate, and allow the record to post successfully.


13 August 2018Ticket logged with ConnectWise.

ConnectWise acknowledge receipt of issue.
15 August 2018ConnectWise has assigned a developer to fix this issue.    
17 August 2018ConnectWise has confirmed the fix for QA Review.
7 September 2018    Patch Released in v2018.5 (56760)

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