Syncing with Wise-Sync (Unposted Items)

Wise-Sync will post any unposted Items, based on the selections made on the following screen. You can choose whether you will sync Invoices or Procurement (Purchase Orders) at the time.

You can refer to the Accounting Interface screen in ConnectWise to determine which records will be posted to your Accounting Package. Any unposted items which are referenced in the Accounting Interface screen will then be batched individually through to your Accounting Package. 

Syncing Unposted Items

  1. Select the company you wise to Sync to
  2. Click on the any of the Sync Unposted Items Tab (if not already selected)

    - Invoices

    - Procurement/Inventory

    - Expenses

    - Payments

  3. Press the Sync {recordtype} button.
  4. Review the Results


Wise-Sync batches any unposted records which are visible in the ConnectWise Accounting Interface. 99% of all errors in the sync process, will relate to one of the following issues, so be sure to review the Getting Started guide, to ensure that you have completed the setup Process.

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