ConnectWise Payment Sync Error: Xero Invoice Number and Reference both match ConnectWise Invoice Numbers

Partners that have used one of the Conversion Services to move to Xero, will notice that in some cases the Invoice Number is not carried over from the previous accounting package. The invoice number (previously from ConnectWise) will be added to the Reference Field.

Partners can choose to map which field ConnectWise will refer to up-until the conversion date when Wise-Sync will correctly create invoices with the invoice number in the correct field.

In some cases, the invoice number, could match both the Invoice-Number and the Reference if you have a similar prefix as to those used by Xero in the conversion process.

Wise-Sync will use the preferred reference field when updating ConnectWise, however will warn you in the event where both reference and invoice number fields match a ConnectWise invoice.

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