FAQ: How do I change an Invoice that has already been synced?

Need to make changes to an invoice you have already synced?

In your Accounting Package

Ensure sure there is no payment applied to that invoice - simply
a) Remove the payment, then wait to reapply and reconcile until you have synced the updated invoice back.

In ConnectWise
1. Delete the batch record:
a) Go to Finance > Accounting Interface > Open Batches > search for INV1234 or INVXXXX etc,
b) Select that record
c) Delete that batch record  (NOTE: don't Close it - that will lock the record, a feature only used after a quarter or Financial Year is finalised)

2. Edit the Invoice
a) Go to Finance > Invoice Search > find the Invoice
b) Change the Status to Redo or Review (or your open status that will allow editing )
c) Update Product or TIme Entry or Billing Rate or apply an adjustment like a discount etc
d) Save
e) Resend invoice to client (optional)
f) Change Status back to Closed - Emailed (or whatever your Closed status is)

3. Resync the updated Invoice
a) Go to Wise-Sync and Sync Invoices again.

Invoice will be sent across to Xero and that invoice will be updated.  If any payment already exists, reapply and sync Payments to update ConnectWise

GL Reload - If a change was made to a GL mapping, also include this step:

a) Save the Invoice with a Billing Status of GL Reload at Step 2 (in between d and f).  

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