Known Issue - Unable to test connection to REST API when PSA Site is using the API Endpoint


The issue has been reported to ConnectWise.

Version Affected

ConnectWise Manage Version v2017.5+

Partners using ConnectWise Cloud  (not on-premise customers)


When testing the ConnectWise REST API Credentials saved for the user, an error is returned even though valid API keys were entered.

Error when testing ConnectWise REST API credentials: 

An error occurred while sending the request.

This will result in any REST API Calls to fail.

The underlying issue is that calls made to any of the sites which are prefixed by api- will return an error when the connection test is completed. 

The PSA Site needs to be updated based on the following: 

Failing SiteWorking Site

What have we done about it?

We have logged a ticket with ConnectWise.

You may request updates to this ticket and advise if you are affected by this issue: 

ConnectWise Ticket: #11335762

Date Reported: 19th December, 2018


  • Set the ConnectWise PSA Site, on the Wise-Sync > Account > PSA Settings to not include the prefix (api-)
  • Change the PSA Site from to
  • Press Save
  • Click through to Wise-Sync Users > ConnectWise REST API Member Credentials


19th December 2018Issue logged with ConnectWise. Waiting acknowledgement. 

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