Wise-Pay Integration - CloudRadial

Directly from the CloudRadial Account | Invoices page, your customers can click Open Payment Portal (located at the top right corner of the page), allowing them to view and pay their outstanding account easily in the Wise-Pay portal.

Your customers will be navigated to a new browser tab and automatically authenticated to view the Wise-Pay Dashboard where they are able to view and pay their invoices in the Wise-Pay portal. Where your customers need to navigate the portal to manage their account to, for example, update their contact details, payment methods, automatic payment settings, they must sign in.

How do I activate the integration?

Wise-Pay Payer Admin

The Payer's email address is matched with the CloudRadial username.

If there is no match, the Payer will not be authenticated into Wise-Pay. The payer will need to register to Wise-Pay. See Payer Registration Flow.

Wise-Pay Merchant

The integration needs to be activated in Wise-Pay. Upon activation an API Key will be generated, to configure in CloudRadial.

  1. Go to Configure > Merchants. Select the Merchant that you want to activate the integration for.
  2. Go to the Integrations tab.
  3. Check IsEnabled under the CloudRadial heading.
  4. Click Display to obtain the API Key generated for your Merchant. Copy and paste the API Key into your CloudRadial configuration.


Refer to the CloudRadial Knowledge Base for instructions on how to add the API Key to your configuration.

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