Troubleshooting: Test ConnectWise Connectivity Fails Despite Correct Credentials


As a newly-created ConnectWise member, my Test ConnectWise Connectivity (Under User > Edit User-> ConnectWise Member) fails despite providing correct ConnectWise user credentials.

How can this happen?

Wise-Sync uses API calls to connect to ConnectWise. ConnectWise does not allow API access for the members who have not changed their ConnectWise password from the one set during initial ConnectWise setup. Therefore, a test connection from Wise-Sync to ConnectWise may fail for such users.


You can resolve this issue by changing your Connectwise password through the ConnectWise user interface. After you have changed the password and saved it, you can even change it back to the default one without any problem.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Log in to ConnecWise.
  2. Ensure that the required permissions are set for your Member ID to enable a connection from Wise-Sync. See the following article for more information: Apply PSA Member Security (Accounting Interface Access)
  3. In the bottom left part of the ConnectisWise menu, click the System icon and then click the Members option.

    ConnectWise displays the list of members

  4. Search and click the Member ID for which the connection is to be tested.

    ConnectWise displays the Member Details screen for the selected member.

  5. Ensure that the Enable LDAP Authentication check box under the LDAP Configuration section is CLEAR. You can re-enable this option after step 6.
  6. Under the Member Information section, specify a new password in the Password (32 max) and Confirm fields. Ensure that you provide the same password in both these fields.
  7. Click the Save icon on top to save the record. You may now change the password back to the default.
  8. Select the Enable LDAP Authentication check box under the LDAP Configurationsection, if needed.

    Note: You can also change your ConnectWise password by clicking your user name (on the top right corner) and selecting the My Account option.

Wise-Sync Interface

  1. Log in to Wise-Sync and click Users from the main menu.
  2. Click the Username of the user for which the connectivity is to be tested.
  3. Click the ConnectWise Member tab from the left pane of the screen.
  4. Specify the values of the following fields (specific to ConnectWise) and click Test ConnectWise Connectivityto test connection to ConnectWise.

    * ConnectWise Member ID

    * ConnectWise: Member password

    * ConnectWise: Confirm Member password


You should get the "ConnectWise connection successful." message.

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