Sync Feature: Exclude Batch Records (From Sync)

Applies to:  Xero and QuickBooks Online

This feature will be useful for partners wishing to exclude specific records from batching to your accounting package. In certain circumstances, the following may apply:

  • Where invoices are raised in the Accounting System, for direct payment (Charge to saved Credit Card), or
  • Invoices are created in ConnectWise to match an external billing platform
  • Invoices are raised in ConnectWise for the purpose of calculating the true agreement value of a client; even where the invoices are generated directly in the Accounting Package.

Wise-Sync provides a feature that will allow you to exclude records prefixed with a text value, such as AGR or any other value that is set by ConnectWise when generating the invoices from the Agreement Wizard.

To set invoices to Exclude from the Batch Process:
Click on Companies from the Menu, and select the company which will have access to the GL Owner Level, to sync the records.

  1. Click on Exclude Batch Rules access the prefixes to exclude form the sync process.
  2. Enter your preferred Batch Prefix, all records will be processed and excluded from the sync to accounting.
  3. Select the Record Type, either Invoice, Inventory or Procurements
  4. Select whether to mark the Invoice as Paid (Invoice Only)
  5. Add a batch Prefix, all batches will be prefixed to make them easier to identify.
  6. Click Add Exclude Batch Rule

To delete a rule, click on Delete

When a record matches an existing batch prefix (Prefix Value), the record will be processed and no information will be sent to your accounting package. The record will then be marked as batched and where selected full paymetn applied.

List of Unposted Invoices:

Records Processed and Excluded:

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