Unable to Set Password when AD Integration Enabled.

If you are using Active Directory User and Password Integration, you need to ensure that the stored password in ConnectWise (if you have enabled LDAP recently) is updated to a password so that the Member Log-in functions can function, the API does not refer to the LDAP settings for the ConnectWise password, rather the one stored in the Data Base.

To resolve this issue, you will need to update the password directly in ConnectWise:

Login as a PSA Admin (not as the affected user).

  1.  Click on System, then select the Members Icon.
  2.  Select the Member from the list.
  3.  Scroll down to the LDAP section, and disable LDAP, Save the current record.

  4.  As a ConnectWise PSA Admin, change the user password. Save the record.
  5.  Re-enable LDAP, Save the record.

You will now be able to test the ConnectWise member login functions, on the Wise-Sync user account screen.

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