Error Message: Unable to connect to QuickBooks Company. Unauthorized-401


The user that had previously authorized the connection to QuickBooks no longer has access.  

It may also be that the user has been removed from QuickBooks access, and the connection is now blocked as the user is no longer active.


You will need to log into Wise-Sync and reconnect the QuickBooks company.

  1. Log into  from a Browser such as Chrome, Firefox or IE
  2. Click on Companies
  3. Click on your company from the list
  4. Click on Connect to QuickBooks.
  5. Authorize Wise-Sync to Access your QuickBooks File.
  6. Important: Press Save when you are returned to Wise-Sync.

When you reconnect, if you are advised that a user is still connected, then you will need to re-activate the deleted user so that the connection to Wise-Sync can be removed. Only that user has access to Disconnect a Connected Company.

You may also be able to request that the application is disconnected by logging a support request with Intuit to have them remove the connection in the background. Wise-Sync does not control the removal of users access in QuickBooks.

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