Known Issue > Error Message: Account Period Closed.

Error Message: Account Period Closed.

QuickBooks Online has an additional feature called Closing the Books.  The main purpose of officially closing the books is to protect transaction in previous periods from being changed.

However, if you try to post invoices to a current period where an item has been sold on an invoice and the period is locked you will receive the following error when you try to sync: Error Message: Account period closed.

A support ticket has been raised with Intuit (QBO-100140), as you not need to open the period and re-sync as the invoice is being posted into a valid date range that is not locked.  Intuit has advised that this bug has not been prioritized over high priority bugs and a fix will not be seen in v3 services as there is a work around solution.

Error Message:


You are trying to post an invoice to a current period, where an item has been sold on an invoice that is in a locked period.

Work Around Solution:

Open the closed months in QuickBooks Online and re-sync the invoice.

QuickBooks Online > How to open a closed month:

  1. Choose the Gear Icon > Company Settings
  2. Choose Advanced
  3. In the Accounting section, uncheck close the books.

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