Onboarding Feature : Sync Old Records (without posting to accounting)

Applies to:  Xero and QuickBooks Online

This article will be useful for partners onboarding to Wise-Sync and wish to handle existing records that are unposted quickly without having the hassle of creating manual batches.

  • Partners that have not synced to an accounting package before
  • Have existing records that they do not want to post to accounting
  • Wish to delete conversion period batches for re-processing to accounting (as single record batches).

Wise-Sync now provides a feature that will allow you to sync existing records to "Open Batches" in a single process, to allow for existing (older) records to be removed from the Accounting Interface in ConnectWise.

The advantage of using the Onboarding Sync over manual batches is that each record will be single record batched; allowing for simple reversal of a record (or many records) so that they can be processed separately to accounting.

There are a number of pre-considerations that you will need to ensure prior to running the Onboarding Sync

  1. That the GL Entries have been created by the record close process. Note: if a record has not been closed correctly; there will be no GL Entries, therefore there will be nothing batched.
  2. That there is not a invalid character in the Batch record (such as a ' in an Inventory Adjustment, or a | in a packing slip or invoice number).

To process all records to a specific date range:

Click on Companies from the Menu, and select the company which will have access to the GL Owner Level, to sync the records.

Click on Onboarding Sync to access the sync process

  1. Enter your preferred Batch Prefix, all records will be prefixed with this in the Open Batches list in ConnectWise
  2. (Optional) Select the date you wish to sync payments from (Note: This is only available for Payments)
  3. Select the Cutoff Date (Sync Records thru to this date)
  4. Select Records to Process
  5. Click Sync

At the end of the sync process, all records will be processed to the date; any errors will be reported.

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