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It looks like your Xero token has been revoked.

This can happen for a number of reasons. 

  1. The xero user who connected Wise-Sync to Xero, has been removed from Xero. 
  2. The add-on has been disconnected in Xero.
  3. The connect to Xero button was pressed and new token issues without being saved in Wise-Sync
  4. There was an error in exchanging tokens with Xero that has resulted in access being disconnected. 

To fix this, just reconnect to Xero:

  1. Click on Companies in the top menu in Wise-Sync
  2. Select your company in this list to edit. 
  3. Click on the Connect to Xero button. 
  4. You will then be returned to Xero to select your company to authorise.
  5. You will then be returned to Wise-Sync where all of your company details will now be present. 
  6. Press Save.
Failing to press Save at step 6 can cause issues, as your new token won't have been saved. 

Using IE? If you are having issues with the connect to Xero process, please use another browser. 

If you have any other issues, just refer to this KB setup article to resolve:

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