Wise-Sync: Version 4.6.5 Release Notes

Release Date - 17 July, 2019


This release contains these updates: 

  • Performance issues obtaining invoices to sync from Autotask.
  • There was an error displaying the subscription in Edit Wise-Sync Account.
  • There were broken links to our knowledge base displayed in errors reported in Sync Results.

Release Date - 5 July, 2019


This release resolves an issue with handing Autotask Contacts during the invoice sync. Read more about it at Known Issue: Contact Error during Invoice Sync.

Release Date - 2 July, 2019

This release includes the following delights!

Disabled AutoComplete for Username, Password, API Key fields

After reports of users accidentally making changes to username/password and/or API credentials when editing Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay Users and Accounts, resulting in errors, we've disabled AutoComplete on these fields.

The AutoComplete is enabled for the login screen only.

Who does this affect?

This affects anyone who's browser automatically fills in online forms or password managers that automatically complete username and password on websites.

What do I need to do?

Unless you use the LastPass browser extension or another password manager that doesn't respect a website's AutoComplete=off setting by default, you don't need to do anything.

LastPass Browser Extension

If you use LastPass, you need to configure LastPass to respect AutoComplete=off for websites. Turn on Respect AutoComplete=off in the Advanced Preferences (this option is turned off by default).

Click here to read instructions for managing Web Browser Extension Preferences in LastPass.

Disable AutoComplete/Autofill for specific websites

You may wish to disable AutoComplete/Autofill for specific websites. You will need to refer to your browser/password manager user guide for instructions on how to do this. We've included some information below that may be helpful:

Click here to read information about how to manage passwords that are saved by Google Chrome.

Click here to read instructions for disabling autofill for sites in LastPass.

Sync Service Dates for Invoices

Add more information to the invoices synced to your accounting package by displaying the Service Date on your invoice lines. This update benefits both Autotask and ConnectWise customers.

Below is a Quickbooks Online invoice. Wise-Sync allows you to control where on the invoice line the Service Date is displayed; either in the Service Date column or the Description of the invoice line. Due to a limitation in Xero, the Service Date can only be displayed in the description of the invoice line.

For information on how to configure the Service Date for your Invoice Sync refer to:

Wise-Sync for Autotask - Setup Wise-Sync Company

Wise-Sync for ConnectWise - Setup Wise-Sync Company

Accounting Platform generated Invoice Numbers

This one's specifically for our Autotask customers. 

Invoices that are generated in Autotask without an invoice number can now be synced, allowing the accounting package to generate the invoice number.

Invoices with no invoice number will appear on the Sync Now screen with the flag Generated, indicating that the accounting package will assign an invoice number.

Here is the invoice in the accounting package.

Once the invoice number is assigned by the accounting package, Wise-Sync will update Autotask with the invoice number.

Other Updates

  • Wise-Sync didn't handle a contact's email address correctly if an invoice was sent from Autotask to multiple recipients.
  • The Xero Invoice Option Extended Product Length Handling was trimming the item description rather than the item name.
  • The URLs in the footer of Wise-Sync/Wise-Pay were pointing to the wrong pages.
  • The sync source was removed when creating and updating companies which resulted in payment errors in Wise-Pay.
  • There was an error displaying the price for Expense Connect Mappings when managing a subscription.
  • Updating Wise-Sync Accounts from the new user interface removed Tracking and Expense settings.
  • The Ship Date was not applied correctly to bills as the invoice date when syncing Procurement from ConnectWise.

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