Datagate Integration

For merchants who also use for Telecommunication invoicing, we now have an integration which can pull the invoice from Datagate when this is enabled for your merchant in WisePay.

How do I enable this for my WisePay account?

  1. Go to Configure > Merchants > Integrations tab
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list
  3. Check the Datagate Integration checkbox
  4. Add your Datagate API Key
    • If you do not know your API Key, please contact Datagate who should be able to provide it to you
  5. Click Save

How does this work?

Once the Datagate Integration is enabled and when Print Invoice is actioned from WisePay, including:

  • from any Action > Print Invoice option inside WisePay
  • from the 'Payment Processed Successfully' event notification, and
  • from the 'Payment Success' screen after making a payment
the system will first look to source the invoice from Datagate:
  • If it can source the invoice from Datagate, the invoice displayed will be a pdf format of the Datagate invoice.
  • If it can't source the invoice from Datagate, it will then look to source it from your original 'Invoice Source' set on the Merchant Configuration screen. This would either be from your PSA or your Accounting Package, depending on what you have previously set.

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