Wise-Sync Update - 29th June 2020

Hotfix - 29th June 2020

We've dropped these hot items in time for End of Financial year.

  • Support now provided to customers using ConnectWise Manage v2020.4.
  • During Inventory sync, a Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source could occur if there were problems matching an inventory adjustment identifer, if it contained a space at the beginning. A change in how ConnectWise Manage API extracts the adjustment identifier had changed, so we have had to update the sync to suit.
  • Static GL Mappings were not being set in by default in new Wise-Sync Companies for ConnectWise Manage customers.
  • More iterations to issues related to subscription signups.

Wise-Sync General Release - 22nd June 2020

This release welcomes fixes to some common customer facing and internal bugs!

ConnectWise Manage REST Invoice Sync Improvement

Where syncing multiple invoices, the sync could fail with an Object reference not set to an instance of an object error on a batch and the sync would stop, rather than continue to process other batches. Now, if a sync record fails with this error specifically, Wise-Sync will try to create a batch via the SOAP API.

  • If the attemt to sync via the SOAP API is successful, the invoice will sync through.
  • If the attempt to sync via the SOAP API is unsuccessful, the batch will fail under the assumption there is a data issue in ConnectWise that needs correcting.

If Detailed Logging is enabled in your Account Settings, these API calls will be logged. You are able to view these logs to investigate the error. See How to enable API Logging (Detailed Logging) for more information.

Other Updates

  • When creating a Wise-Sync Company, the checks on a subscription that controlled the ability to configure COGS Inventory were not performed correctly and those customers that should have been able to configure and use the COGS Inventory feature, could not. This has been resolved.
  • Further iterations to our new sign up flow

Upcoming Release Features

  • Activation Wizard for new customers after sign up, to allow for easier onboarding.
  • Continually fixing known high priority bugs.

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