Wise-Pay Integration - DeskDirector

Directly from DeskDirector, your customers can view and pay their outstanding account in the Wise-Pay portal without the need to remember their Wise-Pay login.

Your customers will be navigated to a new browser tab and automatically authenticated to view the Wise-Pay Dashboard where they are able to view and pay their invoices in the Wise-Pay portal. Where your customers need to navigate the portal to manage their account to, for example, update their contact details, payment methods, automatic payment settings, they must sign in.


Ensure that the Wise-Pay payer email matches the user email of the DeskDirector logged in user. The access to DeskDirector from Wise-Pay is not allowed otherwise.

Integrating Wise-Pay to DeskDirector 

The integration involves the following two steps:

  1. Get the Merchant API Key from Wise-Pay.
  2. Configure the API key in DeskDirector.
 Getting the Merchant API Key from Wise-Pay 
Here's how to do it:
  1. Log in to Wise-Pay.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Merchants, and select the merchant that you wish to configure.
  3. Click the Integrations tab.
  4. Check the Is Enabled flag in the Desk Director section.
  5. Click the Display button to reveal the API key. Wise-Pay displays this unique key that you need to configure in DeskDirector for integration.
 Configure the API Key in DeskDirector 
Here's how to do it:
  1. Log in to Desk Director and navigate to Admin Console.
  2. Under the Integrations menu, click Wise-Pay.
  3. Ensure the following value is set:

    API Key: Enter the API key retrieved from Wise-Pay.

  4. Select the Enabled check box to enable this integration. The integration would work as long as this check box is selected.
  5. Click Save Settings.


After the above configuration has been completed, the DeskDirector users should be able to access Wise-Pay by clicking an Invoice link.

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