Wise-Sync: Version 4.6.10 Release Notes

Release Date - 13 December 2019

Wise-Sync Hotfix v4.6.10.3

Customers using the ConnectWise SOAP Integration, that were upgraded to version 2020.1 (currently in beta) couldn't sync due to a Failed to get billing contact for company. (Company: xxxx | Error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source).

Release Date - 4 December 2019

Wise-Sync Hotfix v4.6.10.1

There was an issue with the automated process that kicks off after a subscription sign up completed.

Release Date - 28 November 2019

Wise-Sync v4.6.10

This release is a big one for Datto Autotask PSA customers, with the ability to configure invoice descriptions. It also includes the migration to OAuth 2.0 for QuickBooks Online integration, as well as a few bug fixes for our interactions with the ConnectWise Manage REST API, currently in Beta.

QuickBooks Online migrating from OAuth1 to OAuth 2.0

Wise-Sync for QuickBooks Online now uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization tokens with Intuit services. All of the QuickBooks Online tokens have been migrated to OAuth 2.0 tokens. There are some of the differences in the connection screen, as shown below.  


What do I do if my QuickBooks Online is disconnected?

Your company should remain connected and we don't expect there is be any connection issues. In the unlikely case, that you Quickbooks Online is disconnected, you will need to reconnect your Company. For information, see reconnecting your Quickbooks Online Company.

New Invoice Options for Datto Autotask PSA Customers 

Datto Autotask PSA customers can now choose what information is synced to their accounting package. 

This new feature allows you to configure what items are displayed in the description of the invoice line, customise the prefix to be present in the accounting package, as well as a formatting option to change the display order, and add a line space after for readability.  

How do I configure the invoice description?

Jump into your Wise-Sync Company settings by clicking Companies from the top Menu.

For more information, see Setup Wise-Sync Company

Other Updates

  • There was an issue with duplicate In-app Notifications in ConnectWise Manage Sync Screen.
  • Some expense records were showing a 4:00 am in the expense date in the Accounting Package. 
  • The warehouse list in Edit Company was only displaying the first 25 warehouses from ConnectWise Manage.
  • Various bug fixes to resolve issues for ConnectWise Manage REST Integration currently in Beta.
    • The Incorrect date was being set for some payments and expenses.
    • There was a failure to get warehouse error when viewing the company edit screen. 
    • The expense type was not being set correctly for Project Expenses.
    • The REST integration was not handling personal non-company expenses correctly.
    • A "ConnectWise Tax Group supplied for '' does not match the tax codes in Xero" occurred when syncing Credit Memo.
    • An "Error Updating Xero: Sequence contains no matching element error" occurred when a Vendor had a trailing space in the vendor name.
    • There was an error syncing purchase orders when there was no prefix defined in ConnectWise Manage.
    • An expense sync error still resulted in a record getting batched in ConnectWise Manage. 

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