Known Issue - ConnectWise Inventory Transfer using Incorrect Catalog Cost



Who's Affected

Customers transferring stock between multiple warehouses


An issue has been identified where Inventory cost is being incorrectly calculated based on catalog price rather than the configured inventory cost.

What are we doing about it?

We have logged a ticket with ConnectWise advising the issue.

You may request updates to this ticket and advise if you are affected by this issue:

ConnectWise Ticket: #13864367

Date Reported: 4th of September 2020 

04 Sept 2020

Submitted a ticket with ConnectWise Ticket#13864367

09 Sept 2020
ConnectWise was able to reproduce the issue and issue has been escalated to their Development Team

15 Sept 2020

Advised ConnectWise that the issue is impacting multiple partners.

17 Sept 2020

Proactively commuicated to impacted partners (those syncing inventory with active warehouses > 1.

How do we know it's an issue?

Inventory Transfers are following the Catalog price instead of the received products price.

Where if compared with the Product Audit Trail, all unit costs show $176, which is consistent with the cost of the items previously purchased and sold.

But when the item is transferred, after updating the cost of the item in the catalog (entered by user) the cost price for transfer is the last cost updated by the user in the catalog, not the cost of the item according to the Inventory Cost method selected (FIFO).

The information above indicates that the cost as supplied was $242, where the costs as indicated on the transfer audit trail is actually $176. This has resulted in an incorrect value of an item cost transfer, as the cost of the item should have been $176, not $242 based on this.


No workaround yet


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