Wise-Sync Update - 20 January 2020

Wise-Sync General Release - 20 January 2020

We took some time out over festive season to reset and do some housekeeping internally, so it's not a big one this time around, a few bug fixes! Bring on 2020!

Squashed Bugs

  • Wise-Sync wasn't able to obtain products from ConnectWise if the Product ID contained special characters, such as forward slashes (/).
  • The Invoice Reference field in Xero was incorrectly limited to 30 characters in the Invoice Sync. The limit has been increased to 300 characters.
  • A nasty Value was either too large or too small for an Int32. occured when saving Integrator Login credentials for ConnectWise customers.
  • The number of Expense Connect Members that could be displayed in Edit Company > Expenses > Expense Connect Options > Member drop down list was limited to 25. We've made an improvement to display all members available for mapping.
  • In Edit Account > Plan tab, the subscription amount was calculated incorrectly.
  • There was an unhandled error when making a request to subscribe to Wise-Pay from the Edit Account > Plan tab.

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