(Resolved) Known Issue (On Premise Partners) : 401 - Unauthorized error when connecting to Wise-Sync


Patch Deployed: ConnectWise have deployed a patch to the affected component. Waiting verfification that the issue has been resolved with affected partners.

Version Affected

ConnectWise Manage Version v2019.1 (On Premise)

Environment Variable: Restrictions for outbound connections from ConnectWise server to AWS 


With changes made to the v2019.1 API, integrators are required to pass in their integration key, otherwise known as a Client-ID. This client ID when passed through as part of an API call, requests verification from ConnectWise servers to ensure that the integrator is authorized to make changes. As a result of a technical design consideration, the request fails where the services cannot be reached. 

This issue is only present where there are connection restrictions applied to the ConnectWise server, limiting access / connnection to specific IP Address (such as GEO Range Block, or whitelisted IP Addresses). If you do not have such restrictions applied at a firewall or network level, then the request will succeed. If the request fails the following error is returned. This results in a failure to authenticate, and returns the following error.

The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

The underlying issue is being when making a call to the ConnectWise REST APIs.

What have we done about it?

We have provided ConnectWise with further information relating to partners impacted.

We are continuing to work with ConnectWise to provide information as required so that they can identify the root cause.

Workarounds available

There are two work-arounds available

  1. Remove API Keys from Wise-Sync > User (of user syncing) > ConnectWise API Member, and press Save
  2. Allow External connections from AWS IP Range (no defined IP Addresses have been / can be provided). 

ConnectWise Ticket: #11380048

Cloud Partners Impact Reported: 3rd January, 2019 @1120 AEDT (Now Resolved)

On-Premise Partners Impact Reported: 15th January, 2019 (Ongoing)

Note: ConnectWise Platform Support is provided 8AM - 5PM EST (US Eastern). Updates are not provided by ConnectWise outside of these operational hours.


15 January 2019  @1000 AEDT  
Issue affecting On-Premise Partner Reported.
Further diagnostics provided.
 16 January 2019  @0845 AEDT      
ConnectWise confirmed that they are continuing investigation as a high priority.
 16 January 2019  @1045 AEDT      
ConnectWise have confirmed that partners with IP / Connection restrictions will be impacted by change as a result of updating to v2019.1.
19 January 2019 @ 0112 AEDTConnectWise have advised that they have patched the affected component. Waiting confirmation from affected partners.

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