Using Bundle Products with Inventory

Products typically sold together can be bundled together inside ConnectWise Manage under a Bundle Class product. Bundle Class products are built by adding other products inside your product catalog into the components of the Bundle Product.

Bundles can be difficult to use if you're syncing Inventory across to your accounting package. Review the following scenarios to understand potential impact.

Inventory Type Bundle Product with only Inventory Type Components

If a Bundle Class part is labeled as an Inventory type product, when it is sold, the entire cost of the bundle is passed over as an adjustment to ensure the asset account is decreased by the cost amount, and that it hits Cost of Goods Sold. 

Bundle Class products have a very important distinction on them allowing you to select how price and cost are calculated for the bundle. The Standard Price and Cost options use what is manually keyed into the Price and Cost fields on the Bundle. If you choose Calculated Price and Cost, it takes the prices and costs of the component parts and adds them up to calculate these important fields.

If all components of the Bundle are inventory class, and you're using the 'Calculated Cost' on the Bundle, you should see this work as expected. However, if you're using a combination of product types in the bundle, the cost will be incorrect when you invoice for it because it will still use the total calculated costs. You will also potentially run into issues if you're using the 'Standard Cost' on the Bundle, as depicted below:

When purchased, the cost of the individual parts is used and posted to the accounting package:

When this part is invoiced, it will use the Standard Cost selection on the Product on the adjustment created:

Non-Inventory Type Bundle Product

If the bundle is Non-Inventory, it won't trigger an Inventory Journal, as this is a requirement to determine that a COGS transaction is to be posted. This is true even if some of the components are inventory.

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