Failed to insert the COGS journal for this batch


Failed to insert the COGS journal for this batch: {reason}

Why am I receiving this error?

The error will include the reason why the journal insert failed.

What do I need to do?

Find the reason in the table below for tips to troubleshoot.

Check for a journal entry in the accounting package and see if a journal was created, despite the error.

Issues with data



Item code 'xxxxxxxx' is not valid.Check the length of the product's ID. It may exceed Xero's 30 product ID or 50 character product description character limit.
Account code 'xxxxx' has been archived, or has been deleted. Each line item must reference a valid account.
Wise-Sync is trying to post to an account that has been archived in Xero. Check settings and re-sync.
The TaxType code NONE does not exist or cannot be used for this type of transaction.Ensure that you have a correct tax code set on your invoice.
The TaxType code EXEMPTOUTPUT cannot be used when Line Amount Types is set to NoTax.Ensure that the tax code selected on the invoice is correct for Revenue Accounts.
 'x', hexadecimal value xxxxx, is an invalid character. Line x, position x.Turn on detailed logging and check the XML line and position specified in the error. Replace the invalid character and re-sync.
You cannot save this transaction using an inventory account type.Ensure your COGS account is a Direct Cost account. You cannot post to Inventory type accounts.
Account code 'xxxxxx' is not a valid code for this document.The account the journal is being posted to is invalid. Check for the account code in Xero.
The document date cannot be before the period lock date, currently set at dd-Mmm-yyyy.The period you're trying to post the journal to is locked. Consult with your Accounting Advisor on how to correctly allocate costs into a prior period.
Item xxxxxx: xxxxx has incorrect inventory asset account specified.

Check if the item been set in Xero as a Tracked Inventory Item. If so, change the existing item in Xero, as we cannot sync items that are tracked in Xero Inventory, the two systems conflict.

Issues with Xero API



Object reference not set to an instance of an object.Database error, contact Wise-Sync Support. 
Token xxxx does not match an expected ACCESS token.
Re-connect your Xero company to Wise-Sync and attempt the sync again.
There is an error in XML document (1, 2).
There's an issue with the XML, contact Wise-Sync Support.
An HttpWebResponse could not be obtained from the WebException. Status was Timeout.These errors indicate transient issue with Xero API at the time of sync. Try the sync again and if it fails with the same reason, contact Wise-Sync Support.
Xero API returned error http code: ServiceUnavailable.
Xero API returned error http code: GatewayTimeout.
Xero API returned error http code: InternalServerError.
The XeroAPI returned an ApiException response: An error occurred in Xero.

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