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Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.12

  • WS-183: Wise-Sync has been updated, in lieu of QBO's update to support decimal rounding to 7 places.

Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.11
  • WP-453: Introduction of Wise-Pay and Wise-Sync Help and Widget Links. Find solutions and log support tickets in-app.

Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.10

No user-facing issues.   

Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.9

No user-facing issues.   

Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.8

Support for ConnectWise version 2018.3
Staying up-to-date with ConnectWise, Wise-Sync now supports the latest version of ConnectWise (2018.3).

Issues Fixed:
  • WS-176: Some internal encryption-related errors brought Wise-Pay framework down.

Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.7

No user-facing issues.  

Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.6
  • WS-170: The "Can be scheduled" flag cannot be removed while editing a user that can be used for scheduling meetings.

Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.2 to v4.5.1.5

No user-facing issues.

Hot Fix Release v4.5.1.1
  • WS-156: A major issuecaused locking of the user account after unsuccessful login attempts. The issue has been resolved as a part of this hotfix.  

Release date: 23rd January 2018

New Features:

Support for ConnectWise version 2018.2
Staying up-to-date with ConnectWise, Wise-Sync now supports the latest version of ConnectWise (2018.2).

Support for .NET Framework 4.7
As QuickBooks is removing support for a version earlier than TLS 1.2, we have added support for .NET Framework 4.7.

Ability to allow Wise-Sync Consultants to Login to ConnectWise without Knowing User's Password

You can now enable Wise-Sync consultants to log into the user’s ConnectWise account without knowing the user’s credentials. You are no longer required to share your password with Wise-Sync consultants. For more information, see this KB article.

Issues Fixed:
  • WS-145: Ability to sync items with product names greater than 30 characters
  • WS-146: Static account mappings fail to map COGS account when COGS validation is disabled
  • WS-147: Static account mapping fail when COGS account is populated even when ignored GL entry is configured
  • WS-145: Extended support for special characters (such as ") in product names while syncing invoices that have item names with special characters.

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