How to Enable Wise-Sync Support Access to your ConnectWise account without a password

Wise-Sync consultants may need to login to your ConnectWise account to resolve issues with Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay.

Account administrators are able to configure passwordless login to ConnectWise, for Wise-Sync consultants only, removing the need for you to share your ConnectWise password.
The following are the steps to enable passwordless login to your ConnectWise account:
  1. Login to Wise-Sync as account administrator.
  2. Go to Users from the top menu. Your account's users will be listed.
  3. Click the UsernameĀ link of your user account. Wise-Sync will display the Edit UserĀ page.
  4. Go to the ConnectWise Member tab.
  5. Tick Enable Wise-Sync Support (Access to your company ConnectWise account).
  6. Click Save.
  7. Advise the Wise-Sync consultant that this is done.

Note: If you're using LDAP or Two Factor Authentication to login to ConnectWise, this will have to be disabled. Any Wise-Sync consultant is granted the ability to login to the user's ConnectWise account without a password.

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