A GLBatchID already exists, which is a result of that Purchase Order and Receiving Slip already being being sent

A GL BatchID already exists, which is a result of that Purchase Order and Receiving Slip already being sent.

Error Message: A GL BatchID already exists for (PO:Receiving Slip), already being sent to your accounting package.  It is recommended that the initial GL Batch is deleted to allow all transaction lines to sync and update the already existing Record.


You are receiving the above error message and:

  • The PO was received over three Vendor Invoices
  • When looking in Xero there are thee different invoices
  • Only the line items for the Packings slip is brought over from ConnectWise

The reason you are likely receiving the above message is that the "SUPPLIER-INVOICE" is being synced before the items as the items have either not been received at the time the sync is being run, or the items are not closed.

In short, ConnectWise presents the items to the Accounting Interface, when they are closed.  When you press sync the closed items are posted.  In these cases it looks like the SUPPLIER-INVOICE is posting without the items.

Items will only sync to Xero when they are closed in ConnectWise.  If the setting on the My Company > Procurement Options > Auto-Close Fully Received Purchase Order Line Items is set to enabled, then the items will post as they are received.


In this case you could have the following occurring, which would explain why the "SUPPLIER-INVOICE" is being posted without the items:

  1. SUPPLIER-INVOICE is being received, and is closed based on the above setting
  2. Sync is being run, creating the invoice which you are seeing in Xero as $0.00 invoice.  Which is also considered Paid so cannot be updated with any further changes.
  3. Items are being received, and later closed with the same slip ID which results in the WS-PartShipError, as a batch / Xero Bill with the same information already exists.

So that you can receive the rest of the items onto the same invoice in Xero, you will need to:

  1. Edit the Bill in Xero, so that the Supplier Invoice item is $0.01, this will open the invoice in Xero so it can be updated by Wise-Sync
  2. Delete the initial batch in ConnectWise.  This will release all items now grouping the SUPPLIER-INVOICE back with the items that are now trying to post.
  3. Re-Sync procurement.  The items will post to Xero, and update the existing record.


To resolve this moving forward you can either:

  1. Turn off the feature in ConnectWise to 'Auto-Close Fully Received Purchursed Order Line Items, this will require that you check the 'Close' checkbox on the Purcahse Order lines when you are ready to post them.  Only when they are closed
  2. Ensure that the Supplier-Invoice is only closed at the end of the receiving process for all items (you can still receive it, just don't select the closed box).

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