Terms XRef - Terms Construct for Days after EOM

Creating Special Terms:

Wise-Sync can map special terms where the due date for payment is based on a fixed date and month parameter, such as:

  • 30 Days EOM 
  • 20th of Next Month
  • Specific Date of Month

To enable this to function, the Billing Terms Xref field needs to be mapped according to the following parameter:

1. Click on 'System'

2. Click on 'Setup Tables'

3. Search for 'Billing Terms'

4. Click on 'Billing Terms'

5. Click the '+' button to add a new record.

6. Enter details and click 'save'

Terms Xref: [Month Construct]:[Static Day]

Where the following applies for the [20th of Next Month]:

Terms Xref: M+1:D20

The following explains the construct:

M+1 would increment the due date from the invoice by 1 Month

D20 would set the due date of the invoice to the 20th of the month

So for invoices, the following due dates would be applied to the xero invoice

TermsDue Days*Terms XRefConnectWise
Invoice Date
Xero Invoice Due Date
30 Days EOM30M+1:D3015/01/20222/3/2022
20th of Next Month45M+1:D2015/01/202220/02/2022
20th of This Month20M0:D2015/01/202220/01/2022
Last day of the Month30M+1:D-0

Note: ConnectWise Due Days only support numeral days, which will be calculated from the Invoice Date.

Remove 'Invoice Due Date' from displaying on an invoice.

If you do not want to should 'Due Date' from displaying on invoices, and just display the Terms follow the below steps:

1. Go to 'System'

2. Click on 'Setup Tables'

3. Search for '*Invoice'

4. Click 'Default Invoice Template'

5. Un-tick 'Display Invoice Due Date with the Caption'
6. Click 'Save'


If you do not want to use 'Due Date' it is important that your Terms are descriptive, so that the customer can see the Terms.

Examples of invoices with and without the 'Due Date'

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