Known Issue: Duplicate Sales Tax being Calculated in Total on a Purchase Order



Who's Affected

ConnectWise Manage Version v2019.4 


During Procurement sync, the tax total at the Purchase Order header level is being duplicated, causing an inflated Purchase Order total. An Out of Balance error is being reported, because these amounts don't match the total of the lines that have been received.

What are we doing about it?

We have logged a ticket with ConnectWise alerting them of the issue.

You may request updates to this ticket and advise if you are affected by this issue:

ConnectWise Ticket: #12201215

Date Reported: 20th August, 2019 @22:24 AEDT

6 September 2019

No updates from ConnectWise.

How do we know it's an issue?

When looking at the purchase order in ConnectWise, the purchase order's tax and totals are correct.

The data coming from ConnectWise during Procurement sync however, is incorrect. Note that the tax amount is doubled and is inflating the purchase order total.

The Supplier Invoice in the accounting package is adjusted by Wise-Sync, to bring it back to balance, so the transaction in the accounting package is correct.


Re-receiving the items on the purchase order does not resolve the issue.

Rather, once the purchase order lines have been checked and validated as correct, the process of creating a manual batch, will then allow the received purchase order to sync over without the error.

See FAQ - How do I create a Manual Batch? for steps on creating a manual batch.

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