Syncing Xero Tracking Categories from ConnectWise Manage to Xero

Applies to: Connect Wise Manage and Xero

Info: This feature is only available in the Sync Ninja and Mr. Myagi plans.

The Wise-Sync integration allows for Tracking Code information to be sent to the Xero invoice with the correct setup in place. For this to work, Tracking must be enabled in Wise-Sync, Tracking Codes must be set in Xero, and the proper Tracking Codes must be entered in the GL Mappings.

Enable Tracking Categories in Wise-Sync Company 

  1. Inside Wise-Sync, click Companies and into your Company name
  2. Click into the ‘Xero Tracking’ option and select the option to enable it

  1. In Wise-Sync, navigate to Account > Tracking Categories
  2. Ensure that the titles in ‘Category Level 2 segment’ and ‘Category Level 3 segment’ match the titles of the Tracking Category Names in Xero

Tracking Category Setup in Xero

  1. Inside Xero, navigate to Accounting menu > Advanced option
  2. Click into ‘Tracking categories’ 
  3. Add in the Categories you want to track to ‘Tracking 1’ and ‘Tracking 2’ (or whatever your title is) and save

GL Mapping for Tracking Categories in ConnectWise Manage

  1. Inside ConnectWise Manage, navigate to System > Setup Tables > GL Accounts Setup Table
  2. The Tracking Information can be entered at the appropriate level. The system will look to the invoice being batched, and map the most specific Tracking code it can find. This will also still hold true for the Account information
  3. Enter the Tracking Code category into the GL Mapping Tracking fields as necessary: 


The invoice picked up the mapping for Tracking Categories (in this example, Location & Department):

GL Tab of closed invoice

Synced Invoice in Xero

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