FAQ - Fatal Error: Connectwise 'GetClientToken' returned an error: Failed to load XML from response stream.

What does the error look like?

What does the error mean?

The error means that we are unable to initialise a connection to the ConectWise API and therefore unable to perform sync functions.

When might I see the error?

You may see the error as soon as you login.

This is an error that pops up from time to time and is out of our control. We generally see this error after ConnectWise release a patch. This means, cloud partners are most likely to see this problem before On Prem Partners.

What do I need to do?

Contact our support team, advising of the error. This is so we can make ConnectWise aware of the issue so they can resolve it.

We also recommend you log a support ticket with ConnectWise, to provide appropriate pressure for the issue to be resolved.

Is there a workaround until ConnectWise resolve the issue?

Yes. To be able to sync, edit your Wise-Sync Account, change the ConnectWise: PSA dir from "v4_6_Release" (MVR) to "v201x_x" (your current version)

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