Wise-Sync: Version 4.6.8 Release Notes

Release Date - 16th September, 2019

Wise-Sync v4.6.8

We've provided more control of invoice handling for Autotask customers, as well as a few bug fixes for our interactions with the ConnectWise REST API, currently in Beta.

Improved Invoice Handling in Xero for Autotask Sync

We've added to the amount of control Autotask customers have over posting invoices to Xero.

Post Invoice As

Choose whether Wise-Sync will post invoices to Xero as Draft or Approved Invoices. If invoices are awaiting payment, select Approved. Otherwise, choose Draft so that invoices go through the approval process.

Apply 'Sent' Flag to Approved Invoices

If invoices are sent from Autotask, enable this option, so that Wise-Sync can mark them as 'sent' when posting the approved invoice to Xero.

Other Updates

  • Various bug fixes to resolve issues for ConnectWise REST Integration currently in Beta.
    • There was a Tracking Code validation error when using [Lookup] to find the relevant sales rep.
    • Expenses weren't obtained if they were the same date as the Through Date entered before sync.
    • There was a procurement error that was not like for like between SOAP and REST sync.
    • Recurring company connection errors on the Sync Screen were occurring because the access token was not set.
  • A Failed to get product error occurred attempting to get Products from ConnectWise that contained a ".
  • The Invoice Options tab wasn't displayed for Autotask customers creating a new Wise-Sync Company.
  • A Unable to proceed failed to set email address error occurred if the Wise-Sync Company setting Contact Email Handling was set to Use Primary Contact when not Provided despite there being a Primary Contact set in the account in Datto Autotask PSA.
  • There was a nasty database error that occurred in the Wise-Sync Sign Up if addresses contained too many characters.
  • There was a typo on the 2FA device registration screen.

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