Explaining the Non-Product ID

The article describes the setup step that is commonly missed, which causes the error:

Blank Sales Account Number

If you do not have an account number listed, then you have a Missing GL Account Mapping for that Revenue / Expense source.
Refer to this KB article for assistance with blank sales account numbers. 

The notable difference between revenue from Products and non-products is that Wise-Sync will require a Non-Product ID in order to post service revenue. Including this helps by using inventory items for these revenue lines, allowing you to run reports for inventory items in Xero. This can provide effective segmentation by using different non-product ID's for your revenue centers.

When you are mapping revenue from the following revenue account types, you need to provide a "Non-ProductID" so that we can pass this through to Xero as the Item being sold.

  • Revenue
    Non-ProductID: REV.SERVICE
  • Revenue-Agreements
  • Revenue-Expenses
    Non-ProductID: REV.EXPENSES
  • Deferred Revenue
  • Product Discount

The Non-ProductID is entered into the field in the GL Account Mapping Screen:

This helps as you can then run item sales reports to see revenue from services, which includes service revenue.

Depending on the way that you setup ConnectWise, you can then use the different segmentation levels to define revenue from different

  • Location Structures: Such as each different billing location, also commonly referred to as "GL Owner" levels.
  • Groups: Such as revenue from different Service Boards
  • Projects: Only available for Project Revenue
  • Other Levels as per each defined account type

ConnectWise provides many different ways to segment your revenues, so it is really just a matter of setting up the GL Mappings according to your revenue reporting needs.

When you see the revenue pass through, from the various different levels, you will see the Non-ProductID in the GL Entries as the last class part in the view. When revenue is mapped to the "My Company: Group" level, the GL Entries will be then defined based on the time entry, specific to the board in which the time entry was completed. This can help to segment revenue, where a ticket traverses a number of boards collecting revenue as it is worked on by the different team members.

GL Entries for Revenue

NOTE: It is important to complete a "GL Reload" when you have updated your GL Account Mapping to resolve the resulting error:

To complete this:

  1. Set the invoice to "GL Reload" by either Right-Clicking on the record from the Invoice List, or opening the invoice and changing the status and selecting save.

  2. Set the invoice back to "Closed-Emailed" or another of your closed statuses.

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