Toubleshooting 2FA Login

The following tips will help you troubleshoot a login issue when using Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

To login into Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, you need three separate pieces of information:

  • Your username
  • Your password
  • A numeric code generated by an authentication app on your device

How to I reset 2FA for my User Account?

Contact your administrator.

  1. An administrator can help by following the instructions to Remove an enrolled device from User's Profile listed at Two Factor Authentication (2FA).
  2. Re-enrol your device using instructions to Enrol User's device listed at Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

I am having 2FA login errors / 2FA codes are not working.

  1. Check the accuracy of the clock on your device. The time-based security code will not validate if the codes are out of sync. 
    1. Set your device to automatically set the Date and Time or ensuring your device is synced with the internet time will help.
  2. If the time on the Authenticator App is not synced correctly, 2FA activation or sign-in attempt may be unsuccessful.
    1. If using Google Authenticator (NOTE: these steps affects the time of your Authenticator app, not your devices time settings)
      1. Go to the Main Menu
      2. Click Settings
      3. Click Time correction for codes
      4. Click Sync now.
  3. Reboot your phone.
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