Syncing with Wise-Sync (Sync All)

Syncing All Unposted Items with Wise-Sync is Simple

Wise-Sync will post to Xero any unposted Items, based on the selections made on the following screen. You can choose whether you will sync Invoices, Procurement (or Inventory), Expenses and Payments as one sync action. 

This feature has been added to take your default "Sync" settings and run through each of the Unposted Record Types, and post to your Xero / QuickBooks Online.

You can refer to the Accounting Interface screen in ConnectWise to determine which records will be posted to xero. Any unposted items which are referenced in the Accounting Interface screen will then be batched individually through to xero. Records created in xero are automatically Approved. 

TIP: If you have a workflow requirement to hold invoices in ConnectWise for your Finance team to post over when they are ready, you can create a new ConnectWise Billing Status, which keeps the invoice Open until the process has completed and is ready for the records to be posted. Refer to the Knowledge Base Article on creating billing statuses.

Syncing All Unposted Items

  1. By default the first company will be selected and ready to sync
    1. If you have multiple companies Wise-Sync Companies, select the company to Sync to xero.
  2. Press the Sync All button.

Review The Results

Sync-Wise batches any unposted records which are visible in the ConnectWise Accounting Interface. 99% of all errors in the sync process, will relate to one of the following issues, so be sure to review the Getting Started guide, to ensure that you have completed the setup Process. 

Issues that will stop the sync from proceeding for an Unposted Item:

  • GL Mapping (Empty or no Non-Product ID)
  • xero Account does not exist
  • Sync Token Issue

Warnings for records that have been posted to Xero

  • Rounding items applied to ConnectWise lines which are out of balance when calculated in xero
  • Adjustment Items applied to Xero Invoices as the Connectwise Invoice Total does not match the Invoice Total in xero
  • Terms XRef Errors indicating that the days for terms payments have not been updated in Connectwise
  • No Primary or Billing Contact for a record in Connectwise.

For more details on other errors which may appear from time to time, refer to the help documentation in the Wise-Sync Knowledge Base

Enabling "Sync All"

By default "Sync All" is disabled and only Super Admins and Account Admins can turn on "Sync All'.

To turn on "Sync All"

As a Super Admin log into Wise-Sync

1. Click on Options

2. Tick 'Hide 'Sync All' Button'

3. Click Save

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