Xero Validation Error: Price List Item Code must not be more than than 30 characters long

Applies to: ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask, Xero


How can this happen?

The Product Name or Product ID exceeds 30 characters and breaks Xero's 30 character item code limit.


Check the Extended Product ID Length Handling set in your Wise-Sync company settings.

If the Product ID in ConnectWise Manage/Datto Autotask  has 30 characters long, you can either:

  1. Update the item code or product id in ConnectWise Manage/Datto Autotask to 30 characters only.
  2. In your Wise-Sync company settings, set to Truncate the Extended Product ID Length Handling, so it will use the first 30 characters of the ConnectWise Manage/Datto Autotask Product's name as the item code.


If the Product Name or Product ID do not exceed the limit, a symbol (such as an &) in the Product Item Code or Description might have used, the number of characters may increase by 4, as special characters are required to be escaped, as such an & will become #amp; which is the code for the same. It is recommended that special characters are excluded from item codes to prevent symbols affecting data transfer.

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