(Resolved) Known Issue: ConnectWise v2020.2 REST sync error where a Custom Invoice Template has been used



Who's Affected

Customers using ConnectWise Manage Version 2020.2 REST


An issue was identified affecting Partners in ConnectWise Manage Version 2020.2 REST, where the Wise-Sync application returns zero (0) results when syncing payments. The unknown impact of this issue not returning a result due to a Custom Invoice Template being applied to the invoice.

What are we doing about it?

We have logged a ticket with ConnectWise alerting them of the issue.

You may request updates to this ticket and advise if you are affected by this issue:

ConnectWise Ticket: 13201932/13200575

Date Reported: 07 April, 2020

07 April 2020

We have received a response from ConnectWise with ticket number #13201932 confirming that it is a Known Issue.

08 April 2020
ConnectWise confirmed that they are raising the priority of this problem.
14 April 2020Followed up ConnectWise as customers are logging another sync issue related to tax codes not being populated for invoices on invoice sync. We are speculating this is also caused by the use of custom invoice templates. We have asked ConnectWise to continue to investigate the issue as a matter of priority as it presents a higher level of impact to our customers.
16 April 2020

We have been able to narrow down the Tax Code issue for invoice sync. The TaxCodeXRef is being substituted in the Tax Code Name field where a custom invoice template is selected. That is resulting in a mismatched tax code as the name no longer matches.

ConnectWise have advised that a fix for Invoices not being found during the Payment sync is currently in QA and will be deployed soon. They have also advised that they will be testing the Tax Code issue.

29 April 2020ConnectWise has advised that the issue has been resolved in patch 72321

How do we know it's an issue?

Partners applying a custom invoice template would result in no return results when syncing payments.


A temporary workaround can be set to allow partners to continue to sync.

  1. Submit a ticket to our support team at support@wise-sync.com
  2. We'll switch back the account to the ConnectWise non-REST version
  3. Partners will be required to resync the payments using the SOAP API.

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