Don't show Unapproved Invoices in the Email Batch Wizard List - Email Sent Statuses

The email batch wizard will display all emails which do not have a sent status, excluding statuses which are "Closed". To reduce the possibility of an email which is not ready to send, being sent to a client accidentally, you can set all statuses to "Sent" which will ensure that they are not displayed. When used with Invoice Routing, this can be an effective measure to ensure that only invoices which have been reviewed and approved to send are actually sent.

Set all Statuses to Sent - Except ones which are to be sent via Email Batch Wizard

Best Practice Tip:

Setting all other statuses to "Sent" will ensure that invoices in review or not ready send to a client are not accidentally sent through the invoice email wizard. Only the two statuses listed without the "Sent" flag will appear in the Batch Invoice Email Wizard - removing the chance of accidentally sending invoices to clients that are still being reviewed.

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