FAQ: When I sync, why am I getting a Xero minute API rate limit exceeded message?

Applies to: Xero

Error: Xero minute API rate limit exceeded. App limit remaining: XXXX, Daily limit remaining: XXXX, Minute limit remaining: 0

How can this happen?

When syncing with Wise-Sync, several API calls are made. At times, the Xero API rate limits are being triggered which results in the above error.


Workaround: This issue has already been identified by our Product team and is currently being investigated.
Re-syncing your invoices is the recommended interim solution until we are able to determine a valid solution.

25 February 2021 - We had a fix release to cater customers who were experiencing a Xero Token Expired error during large syncs: https://cw.wise-sync.com/support/solutions/articles/36000261367-wise-sync-release-notes-2021

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