Setting the Inventory Adjustment Default COGS Account


How can this happen?

Inventory adjustments process a $0 bill, to bring in the value of the inventory being adjusted against the account as defined in the COGS account in the GL Account Entry.

In some cases, it may be required that a default account is provided to allow for a scenario where an adjustment (or many adjustments) are created before a valid mapping is created. This is more common with Initial Imports as completed by the ConnectWise data import team.

In instances where Initial Imports are completed prior to a valid COGS account being set, the default account can be set if one is not provided. The default account can be set on the "Company" screen, for the company that you are syncing to.


Adjustments cannot be re-loaded or re-opened therefore the GL Entries require manual update from the Accounting Interface Screen.


Enable the Inventory Adjustment COGS Default. Here's how to do it:

  1. Log in to Wise-Sync
  2. Select Companies and click on the Company Name link
  3. Click on the Inventory tab
  4. Select the Inventory Adjustment - COGS Default checkbox to enable the feature
  5. Select the Default COGS Account to apply to the Inventory Adjustments where a COGS account is not provided.
  6. Press Save


The Inventory Adjustments will now sync and update the record in your accounting package based on the Account Selected in the above settings.

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