Wise-Sync: Version 4.4.2 Release Notes

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Hot Fix Releases:

  • WS-118: Wise-Sync > QBO > Unhandled Error due to account branding elements (4th September 2017)
  • WS-119: Wise-Sync > Xero > Handling Special Characters (4th September 2017)
  • WS-116: Wise-Sync > ConnectWise > New Version Supported (v2017.6) (6th September 2017)
  • WS-120: Wise-Sync > Xero > Special Characters (6th September 2017)
  • WS-123: Wise-Sync > QBO > Unable to create a QBO Bill where the Bill Exists and the Note is empty (11th September 2017)
  • WS-111: Wise-Sync > Mission Control > Unable to Sync Project Documents (11th September 2017)
  • WS-124: Wise-Sync > Xero > Special Characters (12th September 2017)
  • WS-127: Wise-Sync > QBO > Account update affects all retrospective transactions when account code is updated via Create / Update Invoice Processes (26th September 2017)

Release date: 2nd September 2017

Issues Fixed:

  • #WS-110 GoToMeeting update for new API Endpoints
  • #WS-117 Wise-Sync > Xero > Special character handling

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