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ConnectWise Inventory: Adjustment Type Use Case > Missing Stock Item ("Server")

On the 31/12/2013, a stocktake was completed by ConnectWise Inc, at their Clearwater Offices.

At this time, it was noted that an Item "Server" was missing from Warehouse 
Clearwater, Bin C1, with serial #333 unaccounted for.

To correct this missing stock, a new Inventory Adjustment must be created, to remove "Server" with Serial #333 from the stock report.

Create a new Inventory Adjustment

Create a New Adjustment
1. Enter a adjustment ID for internal reference.
2. Select the Adjustment Type from the List
3. Enter a detailed reason for internet use.
4. Enter any notes

Save the form by clicking on the "Save" icon.

Add Products to the Adjustment:

Select the Product Tab, and click on the "New" icon to create a new  Detail Entry
1. Select the Product ID,
2. Select the Warehouse
3. Select the Bin where to adjust the stock for.
4. Select the Qty to Adjust

5. Select the serials to Remove from the Stock Report (Select only the quantity of those to remove).

Press Save, to save the Adjustment Product Record

Close the Adjustment Record

Once all product items have been added to an Adjustment Record, the record can be closed. 

1. Click on the "Close" checkbox and press Save.

Note: Once an adjustment has been closed, it cannot be re-opened.

Adjustment Record Now Ready to Post to Xero

Once the adjustment record is closed, a new "Unposted Record" will appear in the Accounting Interface > Unposted Procurement List.

Sync Unposted Inventory Records in Wise-Sync

Processing the "Unposted Inventory" in Wise-Sync will then batch this record to Xero:

Xero Record Created > Inventory Adjustment


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