Validation Error: Expense Tax Mismatch

Out of Balance Error: When posting Expense Tax Amount

Out of Balance Error: Total for expense bill does not match the the total expense amount in ConnectWise.
Refer to tax code setup in both ConnectWise and {Xero|QBO} to ensure both are accurate.
A transaction has been created in {Xero|QBO} and cannot be removed.


When a User Entered tax amount does not match the calculated Tax Amount in your accounting package, the system will throw a validation error to advised of the issue.

  1. Total: $550.00
  2. Tax Amount: $65.00 (11.8%)
  3. Sub Total: $485.00

When the record is created in the accounting package, the Tax Is calculated by the tax rate set in Wise-Sync for Expense Taxes (Refer: Wise-Sync Expense Sync: Support for Expense Taxes in ConnectWise v2016.2 and later).

In the above scenario, the Tax is not correct based on the setting of GST on Expenses being 10%. When Xero calculates the tax based on the Exclusive amount ($485.00) the total calculated value of the Expense is $533.50.

Wise-Sync only supports a single tax rate for each of the Expense Tax Types, so that tax can be calculated based on the rules of the tax code in your accounting system.

To correct the issue, you can either: 

  1. Remove the Tax line from the Expense
  2. Update the Tax component to be the correct tax amount that will be calculated by your accounting system.

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