FAQ - Why can't I see the Wise-Sync QuickLink after I create a custom menu entry?

When a new ConnectWise Manage Custom Menu Entry is created, by default it is only available to users with the "Admin" Security Role. 

For any members that cannot see the link, you will need to edit their Security Role, and add access to the new Wise-Sync or Wise-Pay Quick Link.

To Resolve the issue:

  1. Log into ConnectWise Manage as an Admin user
  2. Click System Menu
  3. Click Members, and in the table find the Security role of the users that need access
  4. Click Security Roles
  5. Select the Security Role of the member you need to edit
  6. Under System find Custom Menu Entry, ensure it is set to "ALL" Access in all four columns
  7. Next to Custom Menu Entry, click on the 'Customize' link
  8. Move the Wise-Sync or Wise-Pay link you are trying to access into 'Allow Access' column
  9. Click Save

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