Connecting Wise-Sync to ConnectWise PSA

In this video we will look at the steps for linking Wise-Sync to your ConnectWise PSA.  

  1. Update Wise-Sync Account Settings

  2. Create a ConnectWise API Member with the appropriate Security Role within ConnectWise PSA

  3. Update Wise-Sync User settings and confirm a successful connection.

Update Wise-Sync > Account Settings with ConnectWise PSA details 

  1. Log into Wise-Sync* 
  2. Select “Account” from top right-hand corner of screen 
  3. Enter ConnectWise details 
  4. ConnectWise: PSA site = URL of ConnectWise (for REST users, the site should be automatically set based on your Wise-Sync Account location)
  5. Company Name = Company ID used when logging into ConnectWise PSA 
  6. Press Save in bottom right-hand corner. 

*Username and password are set when signing up to Wise-Sync. Username is typically email address and password can be reset via the “Forgot Password” link if needed. 

Create ConnectWise API Member with appropriate Security Role within ConnectWise PSA  

For fastest setup > can use Admin Security Role (if so skip to next step)  

  1. Security Role 
  2. Navigate ConnectWise PSA > System > Security Role 
  3. Select Add 
  4. Enter “API_Wise-Sync” and Save 
  5. Update Security Roles Modules and Permissions for new Security Role  

Details of settings located in Wise-Sync Knowledge Base

Most modules and permission require ALL at the Inquire Level however, please note that some require ALL for ALL levels.  

Member API  

  1. Navigate ConnectWise PSA > System > Members
  2. Select API Members tab and New item icon
  3. In the Member ID field, create a new API member name: Wise-Sync
  4. Under System, select the security role in the Role ID drop-down that you just created, or if this step will be done later, use admin.
  5. Select Corporate in the Level and Name drop-downs.
  6. Select a Location and default territory from the drop-downs menus. These selections will not affect the integration.
  7. Click Save.

Generate API Keys 

  1. From the Wise-Sync API Member Details screen navigate to the API Keys tab.
  2. Click the New Item icon.
  3. Enter a description for your API keys: Wise-Sync
  4. Click Save > the API keys will be generated and display.

Update Wise-Sync > Account Details with ConnectWise API Details 

  1. Select your account in Wise-Sync
  2. Navigate to Account > Account Details > ConnectWise API Member
  3. Copy & Paste the Member API Keys for ConnectWise: API Public Key and ConnectWise: API Private Key
  4. Click “Test ConnectWise REST Connectivity” to test the ConnectWise Member API Credentials stored for the user.
  5. Then, click Save.

If test not successful?

When copying and pasting the API keys from ConnectWise Manage, sometimes a leading space can be accidentally copied, try pasting into notepad first to make sure you've got just the keys and no spaces.

If this doesn’t resolve, please review the ConnectWise PSA details saved under Account and ensure that these are correct.

For more assistance with this setting please contact our support team.

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