FAQ: ConnectWise Manage Sync Tab troubleshooting

If you experience any issues that relate to Real-Time Sync or the ConnectWise Manage Sync Tab, please refer to the items below. We have listed most of the common issues we have encountered.


The Tab is only compatible from ConnectWise Manage version 2020.4 and up. It is not compatible with any versions below 2020.4

Authentication error

There was an issue authenticating your Wise-Sync credentials:  
In order to access the ConnectWise Manage Sync Tab, your default email address in ConnectWise Manage for the syncing company must match the email address configured for that same company in Wise-Sync:

If you have any issues rectifying this issue, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Unable to create session

Sometimes the Tab can timeout if you have been logged into ConnectWise for an extended period of time. Either navigating to another tab and then back to the Sync tab, or logging out and back in to ConnectWise Manage fixes this.
Another issue if you receive the below error could be that you have cookies blocked in your browser. In order to authenticate the Tab, we require cookies to be enabled.

Batch not found

If you have selected the option to either 'Re-sync' or 'Manual Batch' an invoice and receive a sync error, this usually means that the invoice could not be found in the Batch list in ConnectWise Manage. It is most likely that invoice has already been unbatched.

Invoice not syncing or syncing with xml error

We have found intermittent Xero API rate limit issues when bulk syncing invoices to Xero. These invoices are resulting in either an xml error for that invoice, or the invoice is not syncing at all.
We are currently working on a fix for this, but in the meantime, simply run a manual invoice sync in Wise-Sync to pick up the missing/xml errored invoices.
Note: If the daily limit has been reached, you will not be able to re-try the invoice sync for 24 hours until the rate limit is refreshed. 

Synced Invoice not displayed in Wise-Pay

There have been intermittent issues whereby invoices synced in Real-Time are not being displayed in either the Outstanding Invoices widget or Scheduled Payments widget in Wise-Pay. If this occurs, simply click the 'Download latest Accounting Data' icon at the bottom of the widget.
* We are working towards fixing this issue shortly.

Automatic Payment error still being displayed

If you have an Automatic Payment error that you have fixed in Wise-Pay by deleting the automatic payment for that invoice, the error in the ConnectWise Manage Tab is currently not updated and will still appear. For now, simply click Dismiss to remove the error from being displayed.
* We will be updating this flow shortly.

Invoices aren't syncing

There may be a number of reasons your invoices don't appear to be syncing when they are closed in ConnectWise. It is worth logging into Wise-Sync to view any messages that might be displayed.

  • The sync is blocked due to a release
  • Your Accounting Package might be disconnected
  • Your ConnectWise version needs to updated in Wise-Sync
  • Your company has reached it's daily API rate limit: in this scenario, you will not be able to re-try the invoice sync for 24 hours until the rate limit is refreshed.

Note: We are working on displaying these messages in the ConnectWise Tab.

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