ConnectWise: Real-Time Invoice Sync

Syncing invoices from ConnectWise Manage to your Accounting Package via Wise-Sync just got a whole lot easier! Instead of a scheduled sync like others offer, we now allow for a Real-Time Sync. Once you have our new feature enabled, each time an invoice is set to a Closed status in ConnectWise Manage, it will sync automatically. Just like that.

The process will sync the invoice in the same way it does when you click 'Sync' in Wise-Sync, just now, you don't need to click that magic button.


At this stage, Real-Time Sync is only available for Invoices. If you sync other items from ConnectWise i.e. Payments, Expenses, Procurement/Inventory, you will still need to click the sync button for now. 

How to enable Real-Time Sync

For all new Wise-Sync accounts (from Monday 13th March, 2023), the features have already been enabled for you.
For older accounts, we have enabled this feature for your Account in Wise-Sync, but there are some additional steps that need to be completed before your invoices will sync in real-time. You can either follow the below steps or contact our Support team to guide you through the process:

  1. Double check that Real-Time Sync has been enabled in your Edit Account > Options screen. If it hasn't, simply check the box and click Save

  2. Select the ConnectWise location you want invoices to sync in real-time from Edit Company > GL Owner Levels > ConnectWise: GL Owner level(s):
  • Click the '+' icon to add the location
  • The 'Enable Auto-Sync' checkbox should be automatically checked for you, but please check the box if it's not already checked
  • Click Save

Now when you close an invoice, whether it be a single invoice or an invoice batch in ConnectWise Manage, the invoice will automatically sync to your Accounting Package. There is no longer a need to log into Wise-Sync to do this.

Note: When a billing status name contains the word 'closed', the real-time sync will be triggered for that invoice.  

Viewing Sync Results

So you can view the Sync Results for your account and action any sync errors or warnings you may have, you can now configure a new ConnectWise Manage Sync Tab. Please refer to the ConnectWise Manage Sync Tab article for further details.

If you experience any syncing issues, please refer to the Troubleshooting KB for assistance.

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