Go-live Checklist Before You Start Syncing

Applies to: ConnectWise Manage

Let's Make Sure You're Ready to Sync!

Let us assume that you have gone through the Activation guide, watched the Activation videos and you have configured your accounting package, ConnectWise Manage and Wise-Sync account. Now you think you're ready to sync records to your accounting package. Before you're ready to hit the sync button, please go through this checklist to make sure that you have checked off the prerequisites.

Things you need to have completed before syncing:

ConnectWise Manage Setup
  • Ensure that the PSA member that you wish to sync with has security access to the Accounting Interface
  • Updated your Terms XRef in the Billing Setup
  • Ensure that all customer records have a Primary and Billing contact selected.
  • Created the "GL Reload" billing status, and reloaded all invoices to be posted to your accounting package
  • Added the Accounts for system accounts such as Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Mapped all of your Revenue & Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) accounts
  • Added Non-Product ID's to your GL Mappings for non-product revenue.
  • Setup the Accounting Package Interface to match the settings as required
  • Ensure Tax Code name inside ConnectWise Manage matches the name of the tax rate in your Accounting Package
Accounting Interface
  • Removed records prior to your conversion (or lock) date.
  • Set all of the "Unbatched" records to "GL Reload" so that they don't all try to sync in your first run.
  • Have a number of test invoices to work with and check.
Wise-Sync Setup
  • All details for your ConnectWise Manage PSA Site are entered, and you have pressed Test ConnectWise Connectivity and you have a "Success" response.
  • Your company ID is entered (Note: Use 'training' if you want to do testing, and you have access to a Training Instance of ConnectWise)
  • Created your sync user accounts and updated the ConnectWise Member API Keys, and you have pressed Test Connectwise Connectivity and you have a "Success" response.

Once you have the above checked off, you are now ready.

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