Sync Expenses based on the Status

Sync Expenses based on the status

What it does

Once configured via Wise-Sync, users have the ability to sync Expenses based on the approval status.

What it means

ConnectWise user on Version 2016.6 onwards will be able to restrict Expense records from Syncing to your Accounting Package based on their status.   Expense records that are not compliant will be restricted from Syncing to your Accounting Package. 

The following status are available for Expense Records:

  • "Any" 
  • "Open" - indicates that the records have been entered only, and not yet submitted for approval and not yet approved.  
  •  "Pending Approval" - indicates that the records have been submitted for approval, but not yet approved
  •  "Approved" - Indicates the record is approved and is waiting to be billed.
  •  "Approved Tier 1"
  •  "Approved Tier 2"

Once selected, only the selected status' will sync to your Accounting Package.

What configuration is required

By default, the Sync Status will be set to "all", allowing all status' to sync to your Account Package.

1. Log into Wise-Sync

2. Click Companies

3. Click on the company you wish to make changes to

4. Click Expense Tab

5. Choose the Expense Record status you will approve to sync

6. (Optional) Tick: Require Second Tier Approval (Project Manager) for Project Tickets

7. Select the required expenses billing status

8. Select the Expense approval sync notification

9. Click Save

Error Messages


Expense Record Approval: {Expense ID | Member Name - Date - ${amount}}.  The expense approval status {ApprovalStatus} did not meet the required approval of {ExpenseReportApprovalConfigSettings}, with Tier 2 Approval required for Project Expenses.


Expense Billing Status: Expense Status of {ExpenseBillingStatus} does not meet the required expense billing status of {BillingStatusConfigSetting}.

Record not posted to your Accounting Package.  Refer to:

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